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Beautiful Temanggung

This photos was taken during my mudik trip to Temanggung, a city in central part Java. Only takes 2 hours on road from Semarang, capital city of central Java province. I took Sumowono road from Semarang to Temanggung.


This is a view from my uncle's house. Located near Sumbing mountain, we can see it clearly the Sumbing Mountain on the background. The distant from house to Sumbing mountain approx 10 km.

Gunung Sumbing

This is Sumbing Mountain, we can see it clearly in the morning. I took this photo from tobacco field, it's really beautiful sight. And picture below is showing Sumbing mountain on the left side (biggest mountain) and Sindoro mountain on the right side (small mountain).

Gunung Sumbing dan Sindoro

Gunung Sumbing