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My First Online Shop

Recently my brother in law had visited me, he told me that he's company currently had so many furniture stock that had been rejected by they buyer. And then he's company has initiated to sold all the furniture.

Then suddenly something cross in my mind. I thought it would be great if I help him to sale all the furniture. It's been a long time since I want to have my own online shop. Then from this I quickly made my first online shop. I made my shop on a very well known online shop provider in Indonesia.

I heard from my friend, he suggested indirectly to me, that selling item in can make quick sale. that's is one of so many reason I choose :)
Later after I created my shop, I ask my brother to send me the furniture's photo. I upload them on my shop and then cling...I've created my online shop :)

Feel free to visiting my online shop on this link My Shop
Below are pictures of furniture that on sale :)


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